We deliver captain seats to ships worldwide, and we are very pleased that so many companies have recognized the usability, quality, and value of our products. No matter whether you call it a pilot chair, helm chair, navigator chair or operator seat, we have the chair for your vessel.


Work vessels

We can provide optional solutions that fulfill all requirements from comfort, durability, stable construction and design flexibility. We provide an overall quality which far exceeds that of our competitors in the work vessels that we service.

River barges, tug boats and other work vessels need good chairs. Typically, this
segment is interested in the Alutech Benchmark, but at times there is a lesser need for functionality and a higher need for lower weight. Then the Alutech 200 Light & Easy is the solution.

Offshore & Cranes

We used our standard chair base to develop an operator chair that suits the unique needs of offshore use for a sophisticated chair with joysticks, monitors and more. An integrated solution for crane operation would be a typical customization. In addition, we know just how critical it is that the chair is convenient, functional and comfortable when being used for 12 hours at a time.


In this broad segment, there are many different requirements depending on the owner or user. We focus on those who are interested in top functionality, quality and design at a good price.

Navy, Coast Guard & Fast Ferries

These vessels run fast and sometimes in very bad weather, and therefore demand solid and durable construction of all products onboard – a requirement that our products meet and exceed.. In fact, tests performed by Autoliv have shown that, according to the HSC code, our products can withstand a 12G crash test, either alone or installed on a deck rail.
The low weight of our products is a huge plus for this segment as this benefit helps a vessel stay within the limit of weight and speed regulations.


DNV GL HSC code 2000 Annex 10 / chairs and deck rails
MED-B certificate
MED-D certificate

Crash Tests