Alutech 3200 / 3400

3200 / 3400 Surface Mounted Deck Rail

Available in 4 different lengths, or made-to-fit, this deck rail series is surface mounted and designed for use with any of the Alutech 200, 300, 400, 500 or 600 chair types. Available in required lengths.


Design and features

» Simple to install
» Low weight
» Alutech 3200 and 3400 utilises a low friction stainless steel ball-bearing rail system that enables easy movement for both chair and operator
» Alutech 3200 and 3400 braking system is controlled from the chair and easily locks the wagon in place

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special requirements

Designed for use with:


OPL is a “small” operator chair based on our Alutech 600 or OP 600 series arranged for armrest mounted equipment such as monitors, control buttons etc.

Alutech 200 Low

The Alutech 200 Low chair is a low back version of the Alutech 200, suitable for smaller vessels.

Alutech 200

The Alutech 200 chair is a light solution suitable for smaller vessels. Available as Standard, Flatback and with office base.

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