Alutech 200 Low

The Alutech 200 Low chair is a low back version of the Alutech 200, suitable for smaller vessels.

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The OP CS series is an ergonomic “fixed back” chair solution which can be used in combination with either a beam base, a standard column from our Alutech series or on a suspension base.

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3000 FC

3000 FC is a shock mitigation seat designed in 100% carbon. The seat is suitable for Navy, coast guard and other vessels which operates on high speed in all weather conditions.

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OP 50 / OP 60

OP 50 & OP 60 is an “all in” chair suitable for DP, ROV, crane or other demanding operations. The armrests are made according to customer requirements.

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OPL is a “small” operator chair based on our Alutech 600 or OP 600 series arranged for armrest mounted equipment such as monitors, control buttons etc.


OP 01 24H

A comfortable office chair suitable for 24 hour operations with multiple ergonomic adjustments and with design expression as our Alutech and OP series.

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Alutech & OP 300 / 400 / 500 & 600 series

The Alutech and OP series have user-focused design enhancements with high quality construction and unbeatable comfort.

Alutech & OP 300 / 400 / 500 & 600 series2020-02-10T12:16:10+00:00

Alutech 200

The Alutech 200 chair is a light solution suitable for smaller vessels. Available as Standard, Flatback and with office base.

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