We understand that not all seating requirements are exactly the same. Therefore our accessories include, but are not limited to, cup holders, joystick holders, safety belts, flip out tables, custom branding, intercoms with integrated foot pedals, custom built consoles, variety of seat covers, etc.

Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Not all seating requirements are exactly the same; hence Alu Design offers a wide variety of custom built products. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to produce unique and innovative design solutions that can fulfll the most complex of user needs.

Individual design reflecting personality

Our solutions can be tailor-made to meet individual customer needs. Even an individual design reflecting the brands personality is possible.

Oceaneering – “Commander“

ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) operation is a key business area for Oceaneering, and our Commander is perfect for this market. The tailor-made chair provides outstanding ergonomic performance, which is essential when you are piloting one of these vehicles for shifts of up to, and beyond, 12 hours, allowing the pilot to concentrate 100% on the task at hand.

Kongsberg – “K-Master“

A dynamic position operating chair developed to provide an optimum working environment for demanding everyday tasks.

All these internationally renowned companies use products developed by Alu Design.

Vard Electro AS – “SeaQ“

VARD recognise seat solutions that fulfil all requirements from comfort, durability, stable construction and design flexibility.

Rolls Royce – “Unified bridge“

We have developed the chairs for Rolls-Royce Unified bridge solutions and their new dynamic positioning chair, designed by Rolls-Royce for an improved working environment of the crew.

Aker Solutions – “MH OC 300“

For Aker Solutions we have developed an operator chair that suits the unique needs of offshore drilling. It was produced to deliver the best possible working environment for drilling operators working on offshore rigs.

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