Feb 1 – 5, 2021:

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Booth number: TBA
Carfe of: Alu Design & Services AS


OPL is a “small” operator chair based on our Alutech 600 or OP 600 series arranged for armrest mounted equipment such as monitors, control buttons etc.


The OP CS series is an ergonomic “fixed back” chair solution which can be used in combination with either a beam base, a standard column from our Alutech series or on a suspension base.

OP 50 / OP 60

OP 50 & OP 60 is an “all in” chair suitable for DP, ROV, crane or other demanding operations. The armrests are made according to customer requirements.

OP 01 24H

A comfortable office chair suitable for 24 hour operations with multiple ergonomic adjustments and with design expression as our Alutech and OP series.

Alutech 200 Low

The Alutech 200 Low chair is a low back version of the Alutech 200, suitable for smaller vessels.

Alutech 200

The Alutech 200 chair is a light solution suitable for smaller vessels. Available as Standard, Flatback and with office base.

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